Thursday, December 31, 2009

A White Winter for us in Nebraska!!!

Notice the cars still covered! This was our street a few days after the snow storm. And this looks good compared to the day after!
Everyone kept getting stuck on our corner so Lance finally decided to snow blow the street as well!
Our house looks pretty good with a fresh coat of paint, snow on the roof, and such a pretty blue sky for a background! :)

Winter in Nebraska... gotta love it!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Monday, December 14, 2009

Santa poem

Twas the night before Christmas, I'm glued to the tree.
I’m wondering what Santa brought just for me.
Could it be cardstock or inkpads or lace?
Or some stamps, I said, with a smile on my face.
And that's when I heard him.....
"Hi Santa," I said
He replied, "You know...good girls should be in their beds."
"I know I should Santa, and now I've been caught.
But I was just so excited to see what you brought."
"Well, let's take a look in this room where you work."
He shook his head quickly, and left with a jerk.
I heard him exclaim as he put it in gear.
"You've got enough crap,
I'll see you next year!"
(Click on picture for folding instructions, poem copied from Bren Yule's blog)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Birthday Reminder or Contact Rolodex Workshop

Don't miss out on the workshop, Tuesday, Dec. 1st, at my house to make these adorable rolodex's!!! They make great gifts for the holiday for just about anyone! You can make a regular rolodex to store addresses, phone #'s, etc... OR the birthday reminder to store everyone's birthdays along with their address!!! So cute and easy to make!

Click here for details!

Monday, November 16, 2009

More made from the Heart...

(If you don't see a slide show, click on "view all images" to see the album) :)

This adorable album is so fast & easy to make for you or your gift recipient!

All you need is one of Close to my Hearts 3-Ring Binders, Jingle Lv. 1 kit, and Twinkle glitter brads! Cut your Lv. 1 sheets into 5x7 pieces, mat with your Cardstock pieces (4x6), and decorate the front & back of the binder with the B&T (patterned sheets from the kit). So easy and quick to make, you'll love it with any Lv. 1 kit!!!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Made from the Heart....

Open and empty a can of your choice. (use a can opener that doesn't create a sharp edge). Fill the can with whatever you want! Ex. candy, lil' gift, etc... Using liquid glass, glue the can lid back on. Turn upside down and decorate your can however you choose! I used the backside of an Animal Cookie B&T sheet, White grossgrain ribbon, craft buttons, green embroidery floss, and Rub-ons!
What a cute, inexpensive gift for just about anyone!!!!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Christmas Gifts Made from the Heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep checking back for more hand-made Christmas ideas.....

These are the SUPER COOL talking recorders that CTMH carries!
You can decorate them so easily and then record voices, songs, just about anything!!!
How cute would it be to send your child's voice wishing Grandpa & Grandma
"Merry Christmas"!!! You get the idea ;)
Something to treasure for years to come!!!!

Click here to see more CTMH artwork and ideas :)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Baby Shower fun cont.......

Our last game was Baby Shower "Loving" Advice: Have everyone write a "loving" message for the mother and father to be on a notecard - giving them advice/tip for when the baby is born or during their last few days or months before the baby is born. Examples of this would be "Remember to enjoy the moments since they go fast, Get as much sleep as possible before the baby is born and when he/she takes naps, Make sure to take lots of pictures and keep up with a journal writing everything the baby does for the first time, etc. This can be a very memorable and touching activity at the shower as well as help for the new parents.

I created a flip book to insert these words of advice along with the pictures of each guest with Shell. Hopefully, it will be a great momento for Shell and baby!

The rest of the pics are of the guest and Shel :)

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