Friday, March 27, 2009

Eyelet Empowered!

There are so many ways to use your eyelets! Below are just a few samplings to get your creative juices flowing.....

Center of your spider (use marker to draw legs)
the center of musical notes
bullet points
animal eyes and nostrils
to adhere vellum
part of a design background
replacing the letter(s) in a word
tires on a car
the dot on punctuations or letters
centers of flowers
make your own embellishments
eyelets on a belt
put your eyelets on the backside and the front becomes your flowers!
borders, design on stamped ribbon images
snowflake centers, or from backside ~ creates an original snowflake!, buttons on your snowman
use for lacing ribbon, hemp, twill, or waxy flax
There are so many more........ would love to hear your ideas! Post a comment sharing an example!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Words of wisdom...

Wow! It never ceases to amaze me the words of wisdom that flows from our founder and CEO of CTMH - Jeanette Lynton!!! Loved her recent post: Think we all need a gentle reminder of this :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hangin' with Colonel BlackJack

There is only one thing that will keep BlackJack's attention this long....Yep, you guessed it, a cat!
Usually, with camera in hand, he would have jumped down and been all over me.
Maybe he's getting camera shy like my hubby..... next thing you know, he'll have his paw in front of his face! LOL!!!
So intent! He has really mellowed out anymore. We have actually been letting him sleep downstairs in his new favorite chair (instead of kenneling him at night).

Still goes ballistic when the UPS guy shows up though! Don't think that will ever change.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Baby Card

I had fun making this onesie card for a customer today :) Heard she had her baby girl!

This is such an easy, yet fun, template to make!

Stampsets used: Checklist D1252, Tiny Tyewriter D1222

Cardstock: Watermelon (textured), Keylime, Vanilla Cream

Embellishments: Embroidery floss (green asst.) Z1094, Silver eyelets

Colluzle system: circle template

Cut your notecard (11 x 4 1/4), fold in 1/2.

Using the 1 1/2" sz. circle template, with the card folded, cut a 1/2 circle on the fold (centered).

With a trimmer, 1 1/2" down from the fold on both sides, cut in 1/2" only.

With your trimmer, from the bottom, 1/2" in from the sides, trim to the sleeve cut.

It will look like a t-shirt right now.

Mark with a pencil, 1 1/2" up the side (on both sides), and 1" in on the bottom (from both corners).

Using these reference pts, use your circle colluzle template to cut the leg openings out.

Adhere the eyelets to the front and decorate front.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Paperbag Album - Fun and Easy!!!

For a "Going Green" party I had last night, I decided to have everyone try a paperbag album instead of the usual one page layout or card. They had so much fun! Ok, now your turn to try...

We used 2 (smaller sized) paperbags, but you could use as many as you wanted!!! Glue the bottom flap down and put glue in the sides so you can't spread the bag apart. Alternate their direction and then fold in half. Using your eyelet punch (biggest hole), hammer 3 holes to thread your ribbon through and double knot. Binding done!

Using a 4x4 piece of Clover Meadow CTMH cardstock, we wrapped an acrylic block with bubble wrap, inked with desert sand CTMH ink, and pressed onto cardstock creating the fun dotto background! Distress edges with desert sand ink as well.

For the inside pages, we just used 4x4 scraps of green patterned paper, edge distressed in desert sand ink ;)

Using the coluzzle system and tag template, we cut tags to slide in the side pocket that was formed. (Decorate with green scraps & ribbon)

On the back, we did the leather look technique. Crumple the cardstock (can mist with water) and then flatten back out (can use iron). Slide desert sand CTMH ink over the piece, viola! Looks like worn leather!!! OK, maybe not on green cardstock, but it does give a fun texture!

Try one yourself and I would love to hear your comments!!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Grandma turned 90!!!!!!

Wow! What would your book read if you lived to be 90?
My grandma - Frieda Mae Mattson - turned 90 yesterday, and we helped her celebrate by bringing her lunch. Wendy's to be exact. She don't like to get out much, but she does love the company (and shakes)!
When we first arrived, she was convinced she was older than 90, but then she did the math (that's right, good ole pencil and paper math kiddos!!!!) and discovered she was just 90! Not sure if that made her feel better or not?!*Tristin and Chasey had fun counting out 90 quarters to give her!

And her other gift from us was a foot massage from Chasey and me :) Tristin agreed to just take photos (and whine that he wanted the next massage)!!!

Before we left, I told the kids to Thank Grandma for deciding to raise a family, otherwise they wouldn't be here today! They did, and then quickly recognized that I wouldn't be here either and told me to Thank her as well! Good point!!!

I've learned so much from Grandma and have been soooo blessed to have her in my life as long as I have! Take a moment to give all your loved ones a hug today!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Saturday, March 7, 2009

What an awesome group of women on our team!

Back row: Doresa Lambrecht, Amanda Croot, Liz Johnson, Shannon Bishop
Front row: Lisa Whitaker, Leah Fairbanks, LeAnn Tech
No rain or sleet could keep these ladies from our Heart of a Lamb monthly unit meeting!!! Liz came from Gothenburg and Shannon from Lincoln even! A huge thank you for taking the time from your family to committ to coming to the meeting! Want to be apart of this amazing team? This is the month to join Close to my Heart! There is a super duper special going on, go to my website to check it out! Click on the "March, Forward" picture :) Next meeting: April 4th, mark your calendars! Until then..... Happy Scrappin'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Emporium workshop in April...

Wanna come scrap & play with me? Next month we will be working on this adorable layout using the Emporium paper packet! And you'll have plenty of paper and stickease to go home and make these 4 pages!!

Shopping List for April workshop:
X7105B Emporium Paper Pack $12.95
X7105C Emporium My Stickease $4.95
Bulk123 Emporium Workshop Guide $1.00
Z1146 Pewter Designer Brads $3.95
Bulk128 42” - Col. White RicRac** $0.42
Total cost - $26.86 (includes shipping and tax)

Date of workshop:
Monday, April 6th - 7-10pm

Can't make it but really want to make these layouts... no worries, I can send you the packet which comes with an easy to read, colored guide. Just add $5 for the extra shipping.

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