Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Holiday Planner

Can't wait to go to CTMH Minneapolis Regionals in a week!!!! Get to go shopping at Mall of America!!! WHOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!! Thought I'd create a little Holiday shopping planner to keep me on target :) Want to make one of your own..... e-mail me and I'll hook ya up :) doresa@myctmh.com

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Button, button, who's got the button???

Buttons are always a great way to jazz up any layout or card. Add a little hemp, stick on a glue dot, viola..... instant cuteness!!! But do you ever wonder.... how else could I use this button? Wonder no more! Thanks to Julie Reynolds (sister CTMH consultant) and many other fabulous consultants, she compiled this great list of techniques and uses for buttons! Try some out and I would love to see what you come up with!!!

Buttons: Techniques & Uses
Julie Reynolds – July 2009
Thanks to many for their contributions!
Customize by adhering BT or CS underneath with Liquid Glass.
Glue on small piece and let dry
Cut around with scissor
Sand edges with sanding block
Place ties through button holes, creating criss-cross, single or double lines, knot or bow
Waxy flax
Embroidery floss
Cardstock strip
Narrow ribbon
Use brads to place in holes
Apply Rub-Ons to buttons
Distress colored buttons with paint – “Shabby Chic”
Delta Ceramcoat Paint
Create-a-Shade Paint
Distress colored buttons with sandpaper
Custom-color Ceramcoat Paint with re-inkers and cover, apply stripes or polka dots
Apply knotted ribbon or bow with Mini-Glue Dot
Stamp an image on cardstock and adhere button over top with Liquid Glass
“Bling” buttons up by adding sparkles

Use as letter “O” when spelling a word with stamps or dimensional elements (or number “zero”)
Use white buttons for “bubbles” on a baby bath scrap page
Use in multiples to create an image, ie: arrange in a triangle to make a tree, or stack 3 to make a snowman
Centers on flowers:
metal-rimmed paper tags
paper flowers
dimensional element flowers
Use as flowers, adding stems (hand drawn, waxy flax, stamped) and making a bouquet of buttons
Use for pull tabs on hidden journaling boxes
Make a cluster of buttons for photo corners
Adhere a button to cover those adhesive spots that show when gluing down vellum
Adhere with Liquid Glass to make:
Magnets for white boards or refrigerator
Thumb tacks for bulletin boards
Add to dimensional element letters for pizzazz
Let your imagine go: butterfly/insect heads, Christmas tree ornaments, train or car wheels, snowman or animal eyes, a pom pom for Santa’s hat!

Some samples:

Monday, September 7, 2009

Deck work...

Lance has been working so hard to get the deck finished! Here is some work in progress pics :)

Love those safety glasses Lance!
Chasey's version of safety glasses... swimming googles!!!

At least she's helping!

Making his own spindles!

170 of them!!!

Tristin helping to set the posts for the railing.

Working on the gates, so we can let the dog run FREE in the backyard!

What a Bea-u-tiful gate!

Almost done!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Heart of a Lamb Team Meeting

The Heart of a Lamb CTMH team :)
These pictures were taken from our last team meeting on August 15th ;)

What a fun group of gals!!!

Proud momma!!!

LeAnn - top sales in July!!!! Whoooohoooooo!!!!!!!!!

Leah - top sales in June!!!! Outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lynn - made her 1st Straight to the Top!!!! WOWSA!!!!!!

LeAnn - teaching the gals a neat 3-D art ;)

Super crowded in the scraproom, LOVE IT!!!!!!

So nice to be able to stand back and let someone else lead :) Great job LeAnn!!!

Fun game to get the girls working together, hmmmmmm.... maybe we better study our colors a little more though ;)

Can't wait for our next team meeting, Saturday, September 12th!
(Want more info. on joining our team.... click here and here!)

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