Friday, February 27, 2009

Tristin's day at the salon!

OK, I did it, I admit it! I bribed my kid!!! What can you do when he refuses to get his hair cut?
What was the bribe you ask? Hi-lights (or in his case, Lo-lights), believe it or not!
He was sitting in the van, refusing to come in, while his sister was getting hi-lights (she used her own birthday money). I texted him telling him he would get hi-lights if he came in, and 2 seconds later he was in the door! He actually didn't get them done until the next day, but the gal talked him into a haircut as well (thank goodness!).
After all that waiting and primping, the color (lo-lights), never took, or barely took! Can you believe that!!! The next day we went in again and they ended up coloring his hair darker and putting hi-lites in. Kinda weird getting used to him with darker hair (almost a reddish color), but I'm not complaining, it's cut!!!!

Notice in the mirror his hair is short! Yay!!!!!

Thursday, March 19th 6pm Cost $10 Artwork inspired by Ronnie Crowley's cube creation!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

March club layout...

You still have time to purchase the March kit and come on the 6th to make this 2 page layout! It is from the Daydream paper packet, and we will be learning to use the Create-a-shade Pearl paint to make faux frosting! Yummy!!!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine Party Layout...

Love this photo - Lance is actually smiling and not holding his hand in front of the camera!!! This is for the CTMH Valentine party I am doing tomorrow in Kearney for Robin C.

Fun! Fun!! Fun!!!

Want to have a girl's night out and make a FUN layout of your own? Check out my available dates ( and let me know which one works for you!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

February Special

Celebrate with Close to my Heart! It's our 25th anniversary, but YOU get the gift!!! Purchase at least $25 worth of stamp sets and you get this "Good Times" stamp set FREE! It's so Festive and cute!!! Valued at $13.95! Click on my website to see the details or to order online -

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Unit meeting, Consultant Club, and Bunco....

What a full day!!!

We had soooo much FUN yesterday! From 1-4 we had our Heart of a Lamb Unit Meeting. What a good looking group!

And it was such a Beautiful day out! Standing - Left to Right - Amanda Stoddart, Shannon Bishop, Jenny Blair, Kay Clarke, Adrianne Reyes, Doresa Lambrecht. Sitting - Left to Right - Leah Fairbanks, Holly Ortega, Loretta Catlett.

From 4-6 at Consultant Club, we had Amanda Croot join us as well :)

At 6, we (Holly, Shannon, Kay, Loretta, and myself) ventured over to El Torro for a little Mexican food and Margarita's! Yummy!!!

Back to my place for some BUNCO! Next time, someone else is keeping score! I was known to roll to many times and forgot to keep track of some scores, tee hee!

Friday, February 6, 2009


Newest member of the family? Not quite! We are dog-sitting for my Mom's lil' Pekonese named Pixie (I like to call her Gizmo from the Gremlins! Don't she look like a little Gremlin!!!) Anyways, I think some of us are getting pretty attached. She's suppossed to stay in the kitchen, but one morning when I went to wake Tristin, she was snuggled in bed with him. And it doesn't bother Lance at all to have her on his lap while working in the office. We've tried to get BlackJack and Pixie together but believe it or not, Pixie about bites BlackJack's head off! BlackJack just wants to play with her, but Pixie just barks at him. Oh well, maybe someday!

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