Friday, February 27, 2009

Tristin's day at the salon!

OK, I did it, I admit it! I bribed my kid!!! What can you do when he refuses to get his hair cut?
What was the bribe you ask? Hi-lights (or in his case, Lo-lights), believe it or not!
He was sitting in the van, refusing to come in, while his sister was getting hi-lights (she used her own birthday money). I texted him telling him he would get hi-lights if he came in, and 2 seconds later he was in the door! He actually didn't get them done until the next day, but the gal talked him into a haircut as well (thank goodness!).
After all that waiting and primping, the color (lo-lights), never took, or barely took! Can you believe that!!! The next day we went in again and they ended up coloring his hair darker and putting hi-lites in. Kinda weird getting used to him with darker hair (almost a reddish color), but I'm not complaining, it's cut!!!!

Notice in the mirror his hair is short! Yay!!!!!

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Roxie said...

Wow!!! I bet other mothers have never thougth about doing that to get a hair cut.

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