Friday, September 4, 2009

Heart of a Lamb Team Meeting

The Heart of a Lamb CTMH team :)
These pictures were taken from our last team meeting on August 15th ;)

What a fun group of gals!!!

Proud momma!!!

LeAnn - top sales in July!!!! Whoooohoooooo!!!!!!!!!

Leah - top sales in June!!!! Outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lynn - made her 1st Straight to the Top!!!! WOWSA!!!!!!

LeAnn - teaching the gals a neat 3-D art ;)

Super crowded in the scraproom, LOVE IT!!!!!!

So nice to be able to stand back and let someone else lead :) Great job LeAnn!!!

Fun game to get the girls working together, hmmmmmm.... maybe we better study our colors a little more though ;)

Can't wait for our next team meeting, Saturday, September 12th!
(Want more info. on joining our team.... click here and here!)

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