Friday, March 13, 2009

Grandma turned 90!!!!!!

Wow! What would your book read if you lived to be 90?
My grandma - Frieda Mae Mattson - turned 90 yesterday, and we helped her celebrate by bringing her lunch. Wendy's to be exact. She don't like to get out much, but she does love the company (and shakes)!
When we first arrived, she was convinced she was older than 90, but then she did the math (that's right, good ole pencil and paper math kiddos!!!!) and discovered she was just 90! Not sure if that made her feel better or not?!*Tristin and Chasey had fun counting out 90 quarters to give her!

And her other gift from us was a foot massage from Chasey and me :) Tristin agreed to just take photos (and whine that he wanted the next massage)!!!

Before we left, I told the kids to Thank Grandma for deciding to raise a family, otherwise they wouldn't be here today! They did, and then quickly recognized that I wouldn't be here either and told me to Thank her as well! Good point!!!

I've learned so much from Grandma and have been soooo blessed to have her in my life as long as I have! Take a moment to give all your loved ones a hug today!!!!!!!

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