Monday, November 2, 2009

Baby Shower fun cont.......

Our last game was Baby Shower "Loving" Advice: Have everyone write a "loving" message for the mother and father to be on a notecard - giving them advice/tip for when the baby is born or during their last few days or months before the baby is born. Examples of this would be "Remember to enjoy the moments since they go fast, Get as much sleep as possible before the baby is born and when he/she takes naps, Make sure to take lots of pictures and keep up with a journal writing everything the baby does for the first time, etc. This can be a very memorable and touching activity at the shower as well as help for the new parents.

I created a flip book to insert these words of advice along with the pictures of each guest with Shell. Hopefully, it will be a great momento for Shell and baby!

The rest of the pics are of the guest and Shel :)

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