Monday, May 3, 2010

Goal Frames at Team Meeting!

At our last unit meeting, Jamie (below) showed us her Pampered Chef Goal frame and we decided we just had to make one for ourselves!!! Below is the end results for those that did one :) We used the 6 areas that sister consultant, Cherie Lynn, talked about on a past Scattered Hearts conference call. Family/Spiritual/Social/Health/Career/Educational

Jamie showing off her CTMH Goal frame :)

Holly made 3! One for each of her boys!!!

My goal frame - I made it so I could just use a dry erase on it so I could evaluate my goals monthly!
Donna's goal chart - love the use of the Moon Doggie paper on this and our team picture ;)
Karla still finishing hers up, but lots of good pics to add to hers :)

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