Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Little Norway....

On our way back from Milwaukee first part of May, we stopped at a couple touristy places for the fun of it :) One of them was called Little Norway! This little plantation was adorable!!! Here's a few pics:
Which ones the trolls? LOL :)
I just love these old stoves!!!!

This was a sample of a round trunk that the gals would take up a mountain and then just roll back down. Inside was samples of what she would take with her when she wed :)

Everyone on our tour was curious what these flowers were called. The gal had to ask the grounds keeper for us :) I believe she called them Emperior Lillies, correct me if I'm wrong!

Loved the story behind the wooden spoons attached together with a wooden chain. Suppossedly, on your wedding day, the bride and groom had to feed each other with them. The first one to get it in the other persons mouth would wear the pants of the family, tee hee!

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