Friday, April 2, 2010

Family Friday...

So just recently, my daughter Chasey, has informed me that she wants to be a baker when gets older. Now nothing is wrong with this career choice, other than it squashes Mothers dream of her daughter becoming a doctor, making loads of money, and putting me up in a ritzy retirement home later on....

But being the good parent that I am (don't laugh!), I am helping her pursue her dreams! For her great-grandmas 91st birthday, she wanted to make her a cake.

After much discussion in the Wilton isle at Hobby Lobby, she decided on little individual cakes instead of one big one. Using her birthday money as well, she purchased a whole Wilton toolbox of goodies (thank goodness we had a 40%off coupon!)!!!

We also purchased some fondant. Not quit sure what this stuff is, but later find out that it doesn't taste as good as it looks! At least the kind that comes out of a box that has probably been on the shelf for quite a while!

I think Chasey has been watching to many of those cake shows on TV as well... she was using terms like "dirty icing" and naming the tools like a "leveler". Wow.... maybe this is the profession for her!

My mother used to make wedding cakes when I was younger, so we had Grandma Kay on speed dial that day. No, these are not dirty snowballs! They are the flower pots! Next time I think we will add coloring to the fondant first instead of painting it on!
Chasey had a ball at doing the flowers! Unfortunately, her frosting wasn't thick enough though, so even after setting up overnight, they did not peel off the wax paper very good. We had to scrap a lot of them. But at least she got the experience of doing them....5 cookie sheets of them!!!

OK, so we managed to survive this project.... and she still is loving it! Next birthday, her brother's... April 4th! I still keep mentioning that she could be a cake decorating doctor, a mother just never gives up!

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Amy said...

Oh that is so super cool and if she gets good enough she can be on the food network and win $10,000! LOL can you tell I watch a lot of the compititions. She did a great job on the little cakes.

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