Friday, March 26, 2010

Family Friday...

It's not everday that one gets to celebrate a 91st Birthday with someone you love! My dear Grandma Frieda turned 91 on March 12th! She is 50 years my elder!
My daughter, Chasey, even got to try her hand at her new found interest (cake making!)

Chasey made flower pot cupcakes! She used fondant (sp?) around the base for the flower pot, and then made her own flowers for the top.
She had some issues with the frosting setting up on the flowers, but otherwise, they turned out pretty darn cute looking! Now taste wise.... that's another blog, LOL!

My son, Tristin, had fun showing great-grandma how to play his PSP! Wow, that was fun to watch, a 91 year old driving a car on a hand-held video game! She was such a sport! Tristin later informed me that she crashed a lot, tee hee!!!
4 Generation pic! My grandma Frieda, my mother Kay, myself ;) and my daughter Chasey! Beautiful memories!!!!

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Amy said...

Awww...Your grandma is so cute and one year older than my grandma. My grandma just turned 90 in September and we had a big suprise party for her...I said really you want to suprise a 90 year old? LOL

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