Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Technique Tuesday - Flower Power!!!

Not sure why I waited so long to actually try dying our paper flowers! I love the vivid colors and how they match the papers so perfectly!!!

These are 2 of the cards that we will be making at the card crazy workshop this month!

To try dying your own paper flowers, follow these guidelines:

1. Choose a container that your flowers will fit in. For my smaller ones, I used a craft jar. For my bigger ones, I grouped a glass dish from my kitchen ;)
2. Add rubbing alcohol to container. Then add drops of re-inker (the amount of drops depends on how vivid you what the color) I had to experiment and add more as I went along!
3. Using my tweezers, I dipped (more like dunked) my paper flowers into the solution. Then laid it to dry on a stack of scratch paper. (It will soak through whatever you put it on so make sure to protect your surface!)
4. One can use water instead of rubbing alcohol, but the rubbing alcohol dries a lot more quickly!!!!
That's it!!! So easy.... like I said, I should have tried this a long time ago!!!
Would love to see what you come up with ;)

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