Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday's WOWIE Artwork!

Beautiful gifts deserve beautiful wrappings, don't they??!!!! Check out how I (or should I say, my daughter), stamped white tissue paper to coordinate with the cards I made!

These were for a bridal shower and the bride's colors are red, black, and silver! What a perfect match!And these were for a baby shower that was the same day as the bridal shower. Yes, a very busy day that was!!!!
Here theme for the new baby girl was butterflies, so of course we had to match that! The card was actually a swinging card, so the butterfly actually moves!!!
I had fun making the cards (so simiple and easy using our "Originals" and "Wishes" how-to books!), and Chasey had fun stamping the tissue paper! What a team we make!

Hmmmmmm.......somebody needs a manicure!

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