Saturday, January 24, 2009

Chasey's Birthday...

My baby turned 11 today :( Does it get any easier watching your kids get older? She is becoming such a beautiful little lady!!! We went to her favorite restaurant - Applebees. On Sunday, we are taking her entire class to a movie (matinee, of course!). This is her last year to have a big party like that. Our tradition has been that once you hit middle school, no more big parties, just a friend or two over. Here are a few pics from tonight's supper:
Embarassed by the singers? I don't think so! Otherwise, why would she choose this place year after year after year?!*
And she didn't even share her dessert with me! Can you believe that!!!!

Just a little excited over Taylor Swift!
New pink helmet to match her pink bat! You can still be girly and play softball, tee hee! Uncle Jeremy is going to try and airbrush her name on the back of the helmet :)
Grandma and brother Tristin were there as well. And so was Lance and Charasten. Tristin really has Grandma's smile in this pic! And boy does he look older!!!!

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